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Games by michaella_shane

Essay . Deadline 2021-11-25
32 Suggestions by ishita

Of all the different computer games in the world, I think Adventure Hunter is the best est. This  

game is fun because it features Lisa Batista, a brave bravely woman on a safari who must defend herself  

against wild animals. It allows me I to pretend that I am an adventurer in the jungle, but without the  

danger! The goal of Adventure Hunter is to help Lisa travel safely safe from one side 

edge of the jungle to  

the other. She Her must protect herself from snakes and ferocious tigers, she must also be on the  

lookout for traps set by Dr. Nefarious, her evil enemy. Dr. Nefarious wants to capture Lisa Batista  

because Lisa is carrying medicine., t This medicine is for a group of scientists that Dr. Nefarious  

infected with a deadly germ he him created. To make the game even most difficult, the jungle is  

thick with brush, so Lisa must use a machete to cut her way through it. Sometimes the brush is  

too thick and she cannot go any farther, she must turn around and go back the way she came. It  

can be very frustrating to reach a dead end after Lisa has traveled through the jungle for an hour,  

but that’s also what makes the game fun! I have played many different computer games, but  

Adventure Hunter is the better than of them all. The graphics are realistic realistically and the story is very  

exciting. My  friends have come over to my house to play the game and they them also think it is great. ,  

s Some of them went out and bought their own copies.