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The Party and the Surprise 2 by wendy

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Chapter 3: The Party and the Surprise 2

Natalie and her sister got ready for the party. Margaret was looking forward to going to the party. Margaret's dress was really beautiful. Natalie was nervous but and she was happy to be going to the party. Natalie missed s her father, brother, and sisters and . Natalie was not angry with her father for giving her sister up for adoption. Natalie was hoping Anastasia and Edward were ok. Natalie was hoping her father was ok too. Natalie never met her uncle. Natalie knew that her mother was in love with her uncle and her mother was forced to marry her father.

Natalie was still wondering why Prince George invited her and her family to his party. Prince George did not know that she was a princess. Natalie and her family lost their title. Natalie was not a princess anymore. Natalie did not care about being a princess anymore. She enjoyed s working and being independent. Natalie wanted to be a writer and travel the world. She Natalie was writing a story and she was almost finished with it. Natalie and her family were going to take a taxi, but they saw a limo pull into their driveway.




Prince George sent has a limousine to pick up Natalie and her family. Natalie was even more suspicious. Jane was suspicious too. Natalie tried s not to think about her suspicions. She was going to enjoy the party. Prince George lived s in a big castle. Many women were hoping that Prince George would choose one of them as a wife. Natalie did not want to get married right now, especially to a spoiled brat prince. Someone has asked Margaret to dance. Natalie did not like dancing. She saw Prince George looking at her.

Jane was looking around when she saw her father, Maurice. “Papa,” Jane replied happily. “Jane,” Maurice replied, and he rush to hug Jane. “Isabelle, this is your sister Jane,” Maurice introduces his daughters to each other.  Isabelle hugged Jane. Jane introduced s her daughters to Maurice and Isabelle. Jane told did tell Maurice and Isabelle that three of her children were missing, but she was hoping she would find them soon. Jane got to meet her cousins, nieces, and nephews. Jane was also surprised to see Henry. Jane was happy to find Anastasia and Edward.




Jane was able to introduce Anastasia and Edward to her father and sister. Jane hugged s Henry. “Where is Victor?” Henry asks. “I do not know as we got separated,” Jane replied. “Victor could be still alive?” Henry asks. “Yes, I know Victor is alive,” Jane replied. Jane saw a fourteen-year-old girl. “Oh, I forgot, this is Laura Crawford,” Henry introduced s Laura to Jane. “It is very nice to meet you, Laura,” Jane replied. “I am glad to meet you too,” Laura replied. Jane knew that Laura was her daughter. Henry still loved s Jane, but he knew that Jane and he could not be together. 

“I have an announcement to make. I have chosen a wife. The woman I want to marry is Natalie Ross,” Prince George replied. Natalie was shocked. Margaret is happy for Natalie. Natalie did not want to get married. Jane saw that Natalie was upset. “Henry, I do not think Natalie wants to marry Prince George,” Jane replied. “I will talk to Prince George,” Henry assures Jane. Henry did not want his niece to be forced to marry someone she does not love. Henry walked s up to Prince George. "We need to talk,” Henry replied. “My mother needs to speak to you too,” Prince George replied.



“Hello, Princess Catherine your son said you wanted to talk to me,” Henry replied. “Yes, I do. I would like to arrange the marriage between Prince Edward and my daughter,” Princess Catherine replied. “If Edward wants to marry your daughter that will be up to him. I do not think it is right to force someone to marry someone they do not love. Prince George, I think you should have asked my niece in private if she wanted to be your wife. Natalie has a lot of plans for her future and being a wife is not one of them,” Henry replied. 

“I will make Princess Natalie happy and she will learn to love me,” Prince George replied. “What about her plans to be a writer. She has already written a story and she wants to publish it!” Jane replied angrily. “I am not going to stop her from being a writer. I love her and I will support whatever she wants to do,” Prince George replied. I hope you do. I am not going to force Edward to marry your sister,” Henry replied. “I understand,” Prince George replied.