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Recovery by wendy

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Story . Deadline 2021-11-24
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Chapter 4: Recovery

The school was about to start and I was still in a wheelchair. It was a beautiful day. I love summer days. I do not like hot days, but I was not going out much. My mom was due about to have the baby in September. I was looking forward to being a big sister. I know my parents have been trying to have a baby for a very long time. I was not going back to school until the spring. I was going to be homeschooled. My parents hired a tutor. My dad already got my school supplies. My dad also got the books I was going to read in reading class.

I have already started school. My mom went into labor about September 8, 1995. I got a baby brother. My mom thought that my baby brother looks like my dad. My dad was happy to have a son. I use my money to buy a blanket for the baby. I could not help mom with the baby. My grandmama came to help my mom with the baby. My parents named my brother Matthew. Matthew was a good baby and he did not cry much. My parents told me I was a good baby too. I did not cry much.




I like my tutor. My tutor’s name is Amelia Watson. Amelia told me that I did not have to call her Mrs. Watson. I can call her Amelia. Amelia is very helpful in for my math. Mrs. Watson taught me how to cook things. She taught me how to make cheesecake. My parents really enjoyed the cheesecake. We also work on arts and crafts. I wrote a book report and studied y for my spelling test. I wrote write the spelling words a lot of times to remember them. I achieved made 100% on my spelling test. I was doing well good at school. 

Thanksgiving came by really fast. We did not do very much. We have our dinner and watched movies on TV. I was not looking forward to the final tests. Amelia was going to help me study. Amelia is still going to be my tutor when I go back to school. I got sick on Thanksgiving. My hips were hurting me. I was hot and cold. I did not think I would get sick. I did not have a very good Thanksgiving.  I was using a walker to help me walk. I got a new backpack for school in the spring. I was able to go to the movies.




Thanksgiving break was over, and I started my home school again. Amelia and I made some key chains for gifts. We are going to the children's hospital before Christmas break to take the gifts we made to the patients. We are also going to buy some toys for the kids. Mary Beth was coming for Christmas break. I was walking a lot better and I will be able to go back to school in the spring. I already got my schedule. I got did get my school picture taken for the yearbook.

It was the last day of school. Amelia and I went to the hospital to give the gifts to the children's hospital. The kids love their gifts. I give gave  the kids a lot of my old toys. The kids loved my toys. I took care of my toys. We went to the nursing homes to give gifts to the patients. I had have fun. We went to get something to eat. I got a hamburger with French fries. I got a couple of books to read and we went home.

Christmas was already here. I got a ring and a bracelet. I also got some movies and books. I love my ring. The only thing I did not like about my ring is that the stone would fall off. I was lucky I did not lose the stone. I also got a new bike. My parents told me I could ride my bike to school when I recover. It did not snow this Christmas. I did not care because I was not going to school. I was looking forward to going back to school. The art club was taking a field trip and Mrs. Lake was taking her class bowling.