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salam by mini_white

hi i need your help to correct the sentences plaese.
Essay . Deadline 2021-11-23
20 Suggestions by ishita

Salma is a lovely student in the class.

 She participates in the class discussions, shares ideas about the story of prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the etiquettes of entering and leaving the house.

 However, but Salma should follow the class rules and not distract other students.

What I want from Salma today is to focus on recitation skills.

Her focus needs to be on The way how to read the q Quranic words correctly.

s alma I recommend this site Quran 411 or to watch watching some videos on Youtube for Quran recitation that will help him a lot.

 The recitation mark is out of 25 It's the its highest grade in the mark disruption therefore, you should work   hard on recitation. for the recataion.