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he Party and The Surprise by wendy

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Chapter 2: The Party and The Surprise

Prince George could not stop thinking about Natalie. Prince George’s mother Princess Catherine walks in. “What is on your mind?” Princess Catherine asked Prince George. “I have met someone and she is very beautiful. I am madly in love with her,” Prince George replied. “What is her name?” Princess Catherine asks. “Natalie Ross,” Prince George replied. “I know the Ross family” Princess Catherine replied. Princess Catherine did not know anyone by Natalie in the Ross family. “Why don’t you invite her to the party,” Princess Catherine replied. “You do not mind if I invite Natalie to the party,” Prince George replied.

“I do not mind. I want you and your sister to be happy. If you like this woman Natalie then you have my blessing,” Princess Catherine assures Prince George. Prince George asked the servants to mail the invitations to Natalie and her family. Prince George was going to announce to the kingdom that he has have chosen a wife. Princess Catherine was happy for her son. Andrew is happy for his son. Prince George’s sister Jesse did not like that her brother is going to marry someone who does not have royal blood. Princess Catherine told Jesse to stay out of her brother's business.



Natalie was coming home from work when she got something in the mail. Princess Catherine invites everyone in the kingdom to her son’s party. Prince George was going to choose a wife at this party. Natalie had already met Prince George. Natalie wanted to know why Prince George invited her and her family to the party. “Mother, Prince George invited us to his party,” Natalie replied. “We do not have any money to buy anything to wear,” Jane replied. “I think we have to go or the prince will become angry,” Natalie suggests. “What will we wear? We do not have anything to wear,” Jane replied.

“We have enough material to make all of us a dress,” Natalie replied. Margaret was happy. Margaret loves going to parties. Margaret began to sew her dress. Natalie sews her dress. Natalie's dress was gold. Natalie still has some of her jewelry. They have some diamonds. Natalie sews some of the diamonds onto her dress. Olivia and Margaret also sewed some diamonds on their dresses. Jane's dress was beautiful too. Natalie was nervous. Natalie has not been to a party in a while. Natalie was a poor girl and she did not know how Prince George’s family would treat her.


Mary was still working in her garden. The flowers were blooming already. Mary could not believe it was going to be fall already. Mary was glad her flowers were blooming and the flowers will bloom again in the spring. Mary was going to start school again. Mary could not wait to see Laura and her other friends again. Mary was worried about her garden because no one knew about her garden. Mary was wondering who would take care of her garden. Mary’s uncle was already home so Mary went to clean herself up. Dinner was already ready.

Mary’s aunt and uncle got invited to Prince George’s party. Prince Eric was looking forward to going. Prince Eric was in love with Jesse, but she was not in love with him. Mary was hoping that Daniel would be at the party. Mary has not seen Daniel since they got off for their summer break. Mary misses Daniel. Mary wishes her uncle and Daniel’s father were not enemies. Queen Rachel walks into Mary’s room. “Mary, what are you thinking about?” Queen Rachel asks. “I am afraid I might get into trouble if I tell you,” Mary replied. “I already know about the secret garden,” Queen Rachel replied. “Are you mad at me?” Mary asks. “No, I am not. I will take care of the garden while you are gone,” Queen Rachel assures Mary.



Daniel’s parents were invited to go to Prince George’s party. Daniel knew that Mary would be there. Daniel knew that he could not talk to Mary, but he was glad he would be able to see her. Emily did warn Daniel not to look at Mary because Loki would become suspicious of him and Mary. Daniel still wanted to join the army and become a doctor. Loki did not want to go to the party, but Emily told him it would be rude if they did not go. Yvette was looking forward to going because she was hoping Prince George would choose her as a wife. Yvette has been in love with Prince George since they were children.

Henry got invited to Prince George’s party. Henry took his kids shopping for the party. Henry wondered who Prince George was going to marry. Prince George was going to announce who he is going to marry at the party. Princess Catherine did write Henry and she told him that she needs to speak to him. Henry was wondering if Prince George has chosen Anne as his wife.