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Thoughts Beyond Thoughts by emily

College Essay
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The concept of thoughts beyond thoughts, thoughts that go beyond this universe. Those are the thoughts that make your head spin and the time dash. Your mind is closed for the times in need, but with the thinnest of sound in the safest state, it leaks in the spirit of freedom. It's not often that Little time do people let their mind wander, but when they people let their mind leave its cage it creates another world many may not even be able to comprehend.

The concept of thoughts beyond thoughts is confused in the minds of many. In mine, it's quite simple, it's the thought of whatever you make it to be. It’s only the thoughts that come to mind when you let your mind breathe, not when it's squeezed for information. It's not letting you think about the world beyond ours. That’s why my mind loses time when I think about the things with a “what if”, the “what if” soon just turns into an “it is”. It’s a complex mindset, a whole different world that sparks your mind into thinking about something afar.

This is a captivating world, a place that keeps you in a time loop. A loop that keeps you engaged in wanting to learn more. My mind keeps me in this time loop because my mind is attracted to the thoughts of time beyond the world we live in. I think about the world in black and white rather than in color. Maybe if our world lived in a  dull spectrum we wouldn’t have half the problems with society that we do today. Thinking about thoughts beyond thoughts are words that enchant your mind into imagination. That’s why I like to let thoughts beyond thoughts enchant my mind because it gives one the sense of freedom being lost in one's imagination. For me, it's the sense of this world being blinded without color. To those around me, it's anything they want it to be and that is why this world floats on conspiracy theories. That’s why the internet is a place for many, it's a platform for those to express ideas many have never thought of. It's a place I turn to result in when my brain may be clogged with ideas or even when my brain may be in a fog. The internet is a place that pulls me up when I can't breathe. It makes me realize that I, and thousands of other people out there have a right to an image. It makes me realize that thoughts beyond thoughts are a place maybe people feel free in because you can think about whatever and know that you can never really be wrong. After all, there is no one out there that can put a stop to the way you think.

Thoughts beyond thoughts is a beautiful place, a place where you are only truly free. It’s an idea where you lose track of time because you just have a place to think and share ideas with yourself about this world and the questions that it holds. There is no right or wrong way to think about something. That’s why thoughts beyond thoughts are so enchanting to the mind of many, it's a captivating place that holds your ideas whole until one may be ready to share ideas that make this world an entire question.