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Covid by anvi

Email . Deadline 2021-10-06
5 Suggestions by ishita

I’d like to start by thanking everyone for all the hard work and dedication you have shown during this unprecedented crisis! I have been constantly inspired by our team’s ability to draw together, support each other, and simultaneously pursue the financial goals that are fundamental to our small company’s existence. Thanks to your positivity, we are financially solvent and in a good environmental position. experiencing good environmental positioning.

Now, having said all that, I’d like to turn to the most pressing issue of the day. I’ve received inquiries regarding the implementation of Ontario’s vaccine passport system since our business inhabits one of the sectors in which this requirement is mandatory. I am not entirely sure of it, and there is a chance that we may have to decide on implementation protocols. Having said that, does anyone have any preliminary ideas? I’m also wondering about everyone’s level of comfort with this since it might further increase conflict with our patrons. Could each of you email me and let me know how comfortable you would be in checking vaccine receipts? Also, do you think we need more security? I’m sure we all remember some of the extreme responses we received over simply stating that you have to wear a mask and that it isn’t our decision. This situation could be even more inflammatory? If so, do you have any ideas for fire extinguishers for it, if I can be allowed to put it that way?

OK, I’ve probably taken up too much of your time already, but this is important, so please let me know your insights soon.