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ch 9 summary by kimora

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At the beginning of chapter nine, they were on the creek of the Bitterroot Valley; they moved through the valley, trading gold dust and horses for supplies to help them get to Lapwai.; t They sold that stuff to get sugar, tobacco, flour, and coffee. In the middle of the sound of running feet, father's heart grew sadder and sadder every time his horse's hoof hit the ground. She talked to her father saying that their people's blood had been shed and that the young men were ready to fight; when she said that it made her father look back at her, he said” Do not talk like that “ he said. In the end, she slowed down and in went to the back with the children ,and she showed them squirrels climbing up the trees and hawks that flew in the sky. She told them stories about the coyote and the black bear; she told them stories about them until the sun went down.