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Where I'm From by kentayvius

4 Suggestions by hector

I am from four wheelers’

From Honda and Kawasaki.

I am from the woods’

With paved trails and thorns tagging you as you ride down the trail.

I am from the dirt

The poison ivy.

If you fall fell your hands/knees would be coated in brown.

I'm from backyard football and Sunday Dinner.

From Dad and grandma and cousins’.

I'm from the yes sir, no sir

Yes ma'am, no ma'am.

From be respectful 

And say your prayers.

I'm from driving 40 minutes to church even though we had 5 churches within 5 miles of where we lived.

Making it to church at 10AM and leaving at 1PM.

I'm from New Albany, Mississippi

Beans and Cornbread.

From the “papa is coming to get you to work with him.’’

The “dad is gone until next week in the truck working.”

Pics on the fireplace and fridge guests look at when visiting.

I am from I love you so I discipline you.