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tacos by patty

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“BOOM “ Hearing an explosion coming from downstairs of my house, . I quickly ran downstairs as fast as lighting. , s Standing in front of the stairs in the living room silent as a mouse wondering where the horrendous noise could be coming from .The noise slowly faded away but I could hear  , hearing the sound of pots and pans banging hitting against each other , I soon to realized it was coming from the kitchen . As I entered the kitchen a strong big whiff smell of burnt hard shell tortilla hit my nose and I discovered a massive whole mess all over the kitchen floor . Right in front of my eyes there was my sister's friend was attempting to make Mexican culture tacos with TACO BELL “ Old el paso taco dinner kit “. There was a  mess all over the floor , pots and pans everywhere and, burning hot meat on the counter and stoves. As m My sister's friend , Emily quietly said spoke out loud “ I was trying to learn how to make hispanic culture tacos “ . I shook my head and began to help her clean the mess.

Despite of my anger because of the mess I begin to showed her how to properly make tacos my hispanic way .I begin to cook up tortillas on the stove while waiting for the asada to cook up , explaining to her the culture of tacos and how its a way to bring my culture together. , It brings back so many memories of when me and my family on holidays or the old times when I where i would just eat tacos with my cousins while watching soccer . She then slowly started to understand that it meant more than just food.

As we finished up , we both took a seat at the kitchen table and began eating our tacos with fresh lemon limeon. We both shared our cultural background and laughed so hard the whole world could hear us.