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Journal article . Deadline 2021-09-09
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5G cellular networks are expected to be the key infrastructure to deliver the emerging services. These services bring new requirements and challenges that obstruct the desired goal of forthcoming networks. Mobile operators are rethinking their network design to provide more flexible, dynamic, cost-effective and intelligent solutions. This paper begins starts with describing the background of the 5G wireless networks. then w We then give a deep insight into a set of 5G challenges and research opportunities for machine learning (ML) techniques to manage these challenges. The first part of the paper is devoted to the overview of the fifth-generation of cellular networks, explaining its requirements as well as its key technologies, their challenges and its forthcoming architecture. The second part is devoted to present a basic overview of ML techniques that are nowadays applied to cellular networks. The last part discusses the most important related works which propose ML solutions in order to overcome 5G challenges.