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Bullying Speech by elizabeth3

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Over 264 million people suffer from depression and 700,000 people die from suicide every year, that’s one death every 40 seconds. The main cause of suicide is bullying whether mentally or physically abusing someone, calling them names every day, pushing them around, you don’t truly know what they're going through. Think about it, bullying is so bad that it can cause people to spiral into a deep dark hole of depression where they think taking their lives is a good idea and that’s hard to crawl out of, especially when it’s happening to you every day. People are always being getting judged whether based on gender, sexuality, background, ethnicity, something that happened to them, or race. It’s not okay to treat another living, breathing person like that. You don’t want to be shunned, called names, pushed down, and not want to get back up. The hatred of one another in this world is just incomprehensible to me. Tell me this, if you saw a young albino boy, would you call him names from across the street? Would any adult go over and shove that young boy and tell him he’s worthless because he’s different? Of course, you wouldn’t. Now, let me ask you that same question but from a different viewpoint. If you were the same age as this strange-looking kid with some sort of skin condition you had no idea about but wanted to stay away from it in case it was contagious, would you avoid the boy and yell at him when he came too close? My guess is you most likely would. It’s all about different perspectives depending on your knowledge and how you were raised. For example, if you were raised in a very Christian, conservative household then you you would probably think being gay is bad but if you were raised in a more open household, you would probably think love is love and be cool with it. So the albino child may become depressed because none of the children will play with him and they keep yelling at him because when you're a child you don’t know how it affects the other person. At that much of a young age, you would usually depend on your parents for right and wrong but the problem comes into play when these kids raised by these parents get older and life kind of a changes. The cycle continues to their children and more people are bullied, depressed, and so forth. Or it could be that you could have where the parents have an alcohol addiction and they mentally or physically hurt the child, the child will then take their pain or anger out on other children again causing a cycle of bullying. If we took time to teach kids and even parents about what bullying does to a child’s mental development we may see a decline in the suicide rate. Think about what it is like if you're a child and you learn that the albino child isn’t contagious or weird, just a bit different you would probably be okay with that, children have a unique way of seeing the goodness in people. Bullying is either taught or caused by something about the person's own life, it’s the same with different beliefs, they are taught at a young age and the child grows up around it so they adopt that belief or culture. My dream is to drastically decrease bullying and by doing that we also decrease the things that happen because of bullying because every child deserves to be happy. Every child is innocent, once you grow up you know what you're doing but young children don’t, they know what they are taught and therefore my dream is to change that and by changing that problem we create a happier life.