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Seham, I am glad to hear that you were a principal. It is a great strength to have good communication skills and to be able to be a principal and manage over 100 children. Because h Having good communication skills as an early childhood educator is very important because you are meeting with parents daily and discussing their child's progress. also by keeping Having a smile on your face daily and making your classroom activities and curriculum fun , it gives the parents a sense of calmness because they know that they have left their child in the hands of a wonderful educator who makes their children feel welcome d into in the class and that their teacher is very friendly. I also love children and I would like to improve on learning how to work with children who have different personalities and setting boundaries with them as well. w When we as educators in the early childcare field learn to set boundaries with our little ones, it can help them as they get older and keep them safe. I wish you the best of luck this semester and also in your C  career.