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Islmaic Goals part 2 by mini_white

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Other . Deadline 2021-09-02
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Choose your goals based on the following topics:

 The Quran:Learn how to read the Quran correctly by applying the rules of tajweed, memorize some chapters and surahs from the Quran.

The five pillars of Islam:Islam has five basic pillars: shahada, Salah, Zakat,fasting and Hajj. What is the definition of each pillar?Can you name the five daily prayers?

Can you tell me how many times we pray a day? Can you tell me what fasting is?Do you know what zakat means? Why should we give charity to the poor? What is the meaning of Hajj? Where is Kaba located?

 Good manners include respecting the elderly, honoring parents, sharing, and showing mercy to animals and the poor.

 Wudu . Learning Wudu steps (to get clean ourselves before praying or reading the Quran).

Prophets stories :  You might be interested in the story of prophet  Adam, Ibrahim, Musa, and Muhammad, peace be upon them.