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People today spend too much money on clothing to improve their appearance. by user93

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Essay . Deadline 2021-09-04
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People in their twenties want to look good As people are twenty, they often want to be good-looking. They start to buy cosmetic products and go shopping in the shopping center. However, since after the covid-19, the normal life has is changed. People have to wear a mask when out in public. Many people have lost their jobs and struggle to find another job. They should wear a mask and people start to lose a job and are hard to find a job. Due to two situations, I disagree that people do not spend money lavishly for their appearance. There are two reasons why people don't spend a lot of money on their appearance. First of all, due to the covid-19, it is mandatory for all people to should wear a mask as a mandatory. Since their face is hidden they need not be concerned about their appearance. They have to hide their face, and this makes them feel not to need to consider their appearance. Also, working at home is common prevalent. Regardless of special events such as friend's marriages or ceremonies, they are likely to wear normal clothes. A friend of mine is a great example indicator of this. She used to favor looking good being good-looking. She enjoyed the attention that she received and always wore fancy clothes and makeup to work. an attraction from others by wearing fancy and luxury items and applying a variety of cosmetic products at the workplace. However, following the covid-19, she stopped making an effort with her appearance being good-looking. This is because the mask hid her face and she has to work at home. She didn't think it was important to focus on her appearance.  feel to be an appealing appearance. Secondly, the young are very so busy looking for finding a job in South Korea. Currently, the unemployment rate is at the highest it has ever been point compared to the past. Many people either have lost their job or are unable to find a job. are no job or lost their job. They do not have room for shopping themselves. My friend is a great example of this. After his graduation, he secured could get a job at in a marketing company. However, because of after the emerging the covid-19, he was fired due to the company being on the verge of bankruptcy. He enjoyed shopping but cannot afford to spend money on himself. He was favored going shopping for himself, but he does not have room for beautifying his appearance. This is because he lacks time to seek a job again. In a nutshell, Covid 19 has rendered beauty and focusing on one's appearance useless. , with the covid-19 coming into society, improving their appearance is considered useless. This is because there are no jobs to go to there is no job and no need to for people to beautify themselves. After the virus, people can get hope to return to normal.