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Allah is the creator by mini_white

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10 Suggestions by amelia

  • Grade  one 
  •  (Allah is the creator of everything) 

What does the word create mean?

  •  CREATE MEANs: To M make things  out of different materials and in different ways,  some stuff a Allah makes different things from wood ,steel  or stones.

  •  Imagine you are in the garden, the beach, or the desert, you would see Allah's creations everywhere.

 Can you list the things that Allah created on this paper?

  • What  are the things that Allah created?
  • (  thinking time)
  • Think for 3 minutes about what Allah has created))
  • What did Allah create?
  • Why did Allah create all of these things? Allah created Water, food, and animals  because  they are necessary to survive on the earth.
  •  Allah created all of these things. How did He do it?
  • Allah has the power to create everything including the sky, the sun, the moon, and the earth.
  •  On this paper, write two things you learned from the class today. When you are done, raise your hand to present your answer.