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m My lovely students

As usual, we will start this class with a recitation.; w We will recite some verses from Surah Al–Inshiqaq to improve your recitation and teach you how to read Qur'anic words correctly.
zakayray, did you memorize the Surah Al-Inshiqaq? Don’t forget that you should record a video while reading this surah then upload it onto Seesaw. This  recitation is graded out of 25 marks. y You should practice and work hard to get a high mark on in your report card. I recommend a good website that will help you memorize the verses easily is:

Before reciting these verses, I will remind you about the etiquettes that you should abide by before reading the Quran.
The etiquettes of reading the Holy Quran are:
Ensure that you are clean and neat before you sit down for the recitation.
Say "Al-Isti’aathah & Al-Basmalah" before the recitation.
Read  the quran applying the rules of  Tajweed.