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My name is HAYTAM EL MAHI; I'm 21 years old. As a biology lover, I was wondering how our organelles functions and so many questions!  And during my self-learning, my years at university and during my internship at the faculty of medicine and pharmacy, I have learned the basics of biology and molecular biology that I adore, which gave me more experience in the specialty of Biological Analysis. To go forward, I have chosen the Molecular Biology Master because I like this specialty. I want to go deepenr in my research study.My gooal is  to get my Master's degree and to continue doctoral studies within the same field of research. I am always trying to combine Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics because I'm sure that if we digitalized our laboratories, we willwould get great statistics in a short time. 


Furthermore, I have chosen Biology department, and exactly Molecular biology master, to deeper my knowledge and studies using bioinformatics techniques,. My intention is to learn about the specifications, asthat any researcher shall do, by choosing to study at one of the top global ranking universities in Turkey. After that,  I can returnand  get back after at to my homeland, as doctorate degree holder, to occupy a position of a professor  or a researcher at one of the Moroccan universities. of course, to shareing my knowledge or working at the governmental laboratory of research to solve problems, to save lives, and to helpmake students know that our studies aren't enough without making contributions in our lifesolving problems


Throughout my life, I have always often been involved in volunteering., This helped mein order to gain experience.Besides,, it was a chance for me but also  toto give my personal contributeion to the community. Before attending college, as a I have been involved in volunteering, I worked on projects consist to protect High school students from HIV by peer education health. and that had had a Our purpose was to reduce the infection and to avoid the maximum we can of the illegal sexual the relationships out marriage. Moreover, I have learnedt the way to transmit ideas and to be a person who has a potential impact as a member of AIESEC Mohammedia. 



Nowadays, Turkey is a powerful country and one of the world's fastest-growing economies that supports research in many disciplines. It contributes to raising Scientific Research Budget every year, and it pushes research at the governmental laboratories or universities forward. It's a dream of any student or researcher who wants to continue his studies. Moreover, Turkish university degrees are recognized across the world so I can pursue my Ph.D. after my Master's degree in Turkey or any place in the world, and that what attracts me. 



On the other hand, there is a multi-culture in turkey thanks to the unique geography, and that gives it an exceptional nature. I can't talk about the beauty of Turkey without talking about the rights of Turkish people or residents where there is no discrimination, just the free of belief and the peaceful coexistence.


InAt the end, I would like to point out that I am determined to make the most out of the scholarship program. I believe that being a student in your department would not only empower my career development, but would give me the framework to utilize my full potentials. Moreover, I feel that as a Master's student at your University, I can benefit from the numerous challenging career opportunities.

Once again, I am grateful for considering my application, and I look forward to a favorable reply.