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The Recipe to Win at Life by chloe3

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The Recipe to Win at Life

There’s no secret or magical potion that can instantly have you win at life. If there was, the owner of this charming concoction, would be richer than Elon Musk. It’d be much too simple, wouldn’t it? The most successful people spoken about today, wouldn’t be who or where they are if they didn't weren’t to overcome the hardships that they encountered them.  So, what I’m saying is, it's not supposed to be as easy as 1,2,3. It’s going to take hard work and continuous effort, with no shortcuts to the finish line. 

If you’re still reading you must be ready to work, here’s where you start: what motivates you? For some, it may be a quote, a celebrity, a loved one, loss/grief, a book, or a  goal/s. Regardless of what it is, you must be certain. If you’re lost and have no idea what your motivation is, then ask yourself this: What gets you out of bed? Nothing’s restricting you from staying in bed for the rest of your life. So, what is that thing/s getting you out of bed? Now that’s embedded in your head, use it. Everyday. Whenever you feel like quitting, surrendering, or abandoning your goal, use that thing as your fire, turn it into your drive. 

To win at life, you're going to need the right people behind you, in your corner if you will, bringing you up. By having negative people in your life, who don’t uplift you or celebrate your achievements, those behaviours can eventually become a new way of treating yourself, leaving you to fall down the path of low self-esteem, hate, self-loathing, negativity, etc. This Which can slow down or even result in losing the drive to want to be successful/ become a better person. So, surround yourself with positive influences and watch yourself gradually grow.

Goal Setting

The goal that you’ve currently set is to succeed in life. However, the result more-likely-than-not, will look different to every one of you. Here’s what you need to do next: ask yourself what YOUR definition of success looks like. From here, consider what steps need to be taken to reach your “major goal”. You may call your major goal whatever you like. Here are some other name ideas, the big picture, your dream, the end game, etc. 

Your major goal should be where all the hard work, the blood, the sweat, and the tears go. The thing you desire so badly, you’d stop at nothing to reach. This process may take time depending on the individual, but, shouldn’t be rushed.

When setting your goals make sure that you’re working towards something you truly want. Don’t pause to think about the things friends and family MIGHT say. Who cares about their opinions? It’s your life, take control and trust what your gut is saying.

Different tasks we do, challenges that face us, or hoops we have to jump through, benefit us in many ways. Whether it’s character building, showing you how to handle something, or something else altogether, there’s always a takeaway message. From here they can be applied in totally different situations. This is why I highly recommend this next step: take up a hobby/sport/pastime that teaches you the following things: discipline, dedication, and determination. They have proved to be helpful in several situations I have been in myself. Here are some examples: working out, boxing, running, martial arts, etc. 


Now we’ll look at ways to be triumphant. Three things that you should do, all relating to having a positive mindset are: look at everything you do with a positive attitude. This helps in more ways than you’d think. It actually can inspire  end up having you to look at problems in a new light. This helps when you’re struggling to find an answer or solve a problem.

Having Using a positive mindset makes you appreciate ing the beauty in the smaller things in life , practically effortless. This is important as we generally take these things for granted. Now, this is relevant since it makes you grateful for what you have. Gratitude is key to many things. Appreciating what you have is necessary to avoid greed, gaining a major ego, etc. You want to attempt to avoid these negative traits when you can, as these reflect poorly on yourself.

Accepting Constructive Criticism  

Having the ability to accept and take on board constructive criticism is necessary needed. You may or may not already possess this skill, but if you don’t you should try to. To be Being successful, this ability is critical: accepting that someone is giving you constructive criticism and taking on board what they’re telling you. Genuinely if someone’s passing on constructive criticism, they’ll be doing it so they can assist in your growth and improvement, take what’s being said with an open mind.

Remember, great things take time. Getting to where you want to be won’t just happen with a click of your fingers, and it’s certainly not going to be a walk in the park. Gradually, if you keep working at it and persisting towards your major goal, or dream it'll . It’ll no longer be your dream; it’ll be your new reality.