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global perspectives reflective paper igcse by shaun

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Term paper . Deadline 2021-02-11
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Evaluation of project outcome


I do not think that we were successful in achieving our goal of raising awareness about more people of colour dying from coronavirus in the USA. I do not think that our video made a difference because we only got the opinion of four people and we only showed the video to a limited number  amount of people because of coronavirus measures. We surveyed the people who that we presented our video to and they said that they learned very little from our video. This could be because of the outcome being rushed and because we did not have enough time to do our work on it. One thing in the video that kept people watching was the marvelous marvellous editing by one of my team members. t This is what attracted the attention of the viewers. I think they were interested in learning about how your race could be the difference between life and death. We could have put more information about why this was the case and how this came to be. Many people saw the video, and they felt like they had learnt about how other people’s opinions and experience of racism. Other people said that after they watched the video, they looked for went and found more information and did research. This means that we affected the people we presented to. The major limitation of on tracking impact is that we didn’t survey if the people had changed the way they looked at on the issue and this could have helped us get full marks on the outcome.  


Own work processes, contribution and learning


I sometimes worked on my own because they (my group) exhausted me from doing work with the other team members. I think I did a good job on in my part of the project for example; I found tables and statistics that helped inform us of our topic and it helped the people that we interviewed. w We also showed them info before interviewing them so they could understand the concept of systemic racism. I did part of the presentation, this was important because interviewing people played a critical role in making a tangible outcome. I did this in time so that I could give my group mates time to edit the footage and make a decent video to present. I realise that we could have made a better visual representation of the problem; we had originally planned to make a paper city to represent two different neighbourhoods. t This would have been useful to help people understand how the system is made to favour white people because the low-income areas are more likely to have more people of colour. I also wanted to raise money by doing a bake sale with my group, but corona restrictions prevented stop us from doing so that. I should focus more on the work and start it before the time runs out and I rush the work and so I don’t have to rely on other people to help me complete the work. I will try to do this by being more organised and planning of the assignment. Speaking to people in the US was interesting because you get to hear the opinions of people from different parts of the world and you also get to hear about their experiences. I learnt that systemic racism is not only a problem in the US, but also here in Norway. I wonder if that is because they are both countries where people of colour are a minority and if so, how the system is used to discriminate against them. I would also like to know if it is the opposite in countries where people of colour are a majority or if it is the same as in the countries where people of colour are a minority? Other things that I find interesting is how they are supposed to solve it because when you have implemented a system it is very difficult to remove it and replace it with something better because there are always people that are going to argue against a new system. It was interesting to hear the opinions of some of the teachers because they were very varied and they all had different reasons for thinking the way they did that. I did not agree with some of them but it was still interesting to learn about it. Some countries recognise that they have to do something about it and funded households that had low incomes to help reduce that gap between the different races and help reduce the amount of discrimination descrimination that happens in different regions. I believe that a lot more surveys and research is needed to find out if what we have learnt is definitely true, but we have a good idea of issue and the countries' struggles.


Benefits and Challenge of teamwork


I think that we worked quite well together - we had a clear plan of what we were supposed to do, this was quite useful although we did not always complete them in time and we had quite a lot of absences so we had to catch up with what they had not done. I think bouncing ideas of each other at the start was quite good because we ended up with something we all found interesting and my teammates also thought about some good ideas that I had not thought of like talking to people outside the country to get their opinion and their experience on the issue.