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Letter To Work by dustin

Term paper . Deadline 2021-01-24
41 Suggestions by hector

My name is Dustin Beasley, I have worked here for nearly here at the Kirkus house for nearly one year. During my Over the time of working here, I have noticed the other staff treating Jeramiah (JB) poorly due to his brain disabilities. I know we must follow certain rules due to him getting violent with himself and the staff. I am barely scheduled with JB and when I am the other staff are is considered leaders  so there is nothing I can not do much I can do

The staff with JB always seem to look aggravate him to make him have an outburst. It seems they do this so they can release their anger by having to put him into holds. If he is having an outburst and an item is involved, they do not let him have the item ever (Ex. String cheese). 

Another topic I want to discuss is other staff not filling out med sheets or daily reports. I noticed that at least once a week someone is not writing about their residents’ day and outcomes. The med sheets are also not being filled out by the same people. If these are not being filled out and the a wrong medicine is administered, we will not know who administered gave the medicine. 

The last thing I want to talk about is the strict schedule the kids must follow. I know the rules are because of the kid’s behavior issues, but it needs to be more flexible on them. Isaiah is 17 years old with a bedtime of 8:30, to me that is too early for his age. There are many times he has asked to stay up, but everyone tells him no. I think the kids should be able to spend some time as kids instead of following strict rules all the time. 

I care about the kids and want what is best for them. They should have a childhood to be able to enjoy. The kids should not have to be stuck inside all the time with not much other social interaction. All the kids do is play card games all day and get half an hour to of watch ing tv. 

I want the situation with JB to change and contacting you feels like the only way to do it. He is a good kid who that just needs to be shown care and that you want to be with him. The above issues All these situations are bothering me and many of the other employees. If these problems can change, it will make the workplace a better job to come into.