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She may find the distance between her daughter is getting bigger as she feels that her daughter starts not listening to her and behaving rebelliously since stepping into her puberty.  

Her mother, now retired, was a high school teacher. She had a healthynormal pregnancy with her, with no complications. Her father, still working, is a lawyer.  She reported having not in close relationship with her parents and added that her parents “hold high expectations” on her given she was the only child.

She appears to be rigid, inflexible, and meticulous; she likely holds high standards to herself and others.  Her demanding character may help her deliver works ofin high quality that were evidenced by having several promotions at work in recognition of her exceptionalgreat efforts.  However, she may not be able to communicate with her coworkers in an effectively way.

AlsoIn addition, at home, she may also set high standards and expectations foron her daughter.  She may want to exercise control over her daughter by interfering with her in many different ways, including her private life.  She may experience strong resistance from her daughter being a teenager now.  Such tension may likely jeopardize her relationship with her daughter resulting in her feeling helplessness and losing control.  Her continuously self-blame and self-criticism may intensify her anxiety and depressed moods.

Ms. XXX is a 44-year-old wWhite female who was self-referred for psychological assessment to get a recommendation to improve her work performance and relations with her daughter.