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the cave by shaun

Cambridge narrative writing coursework not finished yet
Term paper . Deadline 2020-11-27
29 Suggestions by amelia

I found a key. It had a golden tint to it and I didn’t know what that meant, but all I learned was that I had to defend it with my soul. I discovered it in the box.  In the box, I discovered it; I found out learned that there was an entrance to a deserted quarry 3 kilometres away. When we arrived, we geared up and prepared to go into the quarry, but we heard a thundering crash come from inside the quarry. We decided it would be a better idea to send in a drone in, to confirm if there was any life in there. When the drone reached the quarry, we turned on the camera, and we saw these extraordinary sketches on the surfaces. My buddy Kyle Brown took a screenshot to analyse later. The deeper further inside  the drone went, the heavier the sound became until we reached a point where the noise stopped. , and w We tried to spin the camera but it was they jammed it. We realised that there was something there and struggled to fly the drone back to us, but the walls had shuffled and they ambushed the drone. , We realised we were dealing with something no one had discovered before. Kyle and I packed up and, as we were about to walk to the car, we heard the same thundering crash but, this time, it was coming closer, the ground started to shake shaking. We ran to the car but just as we got to the door we saw a towering figure coming out of the cave w We started the engine and got out of that area as fast as we could.