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Firstly, let me introduce myself, I'm Jacob. I am aand up and coming web designer and cannabis entrepreneur, a fresh graduate student out of college. I have a degreeDegree in hHorticulture as well as nd several Microsoft Certification courses fromthrew Shaw Academy. Anyways this is enough about me. I have a project in mind that I've already set in motion with the help of a few others:. fFamily, fFriends, some other online seeds banks (PevGrow, Growers Choice, and CannaVenture to name a few). 

I've been  giving assistancehelped to manage a group on Facebook for over 4 years now (Almost 153K followers and fans . On this group, we are helping people with their cannabis needs in the state of Michigan back before it went recreational. Now it’s gone recreational membership has exploded. I've shared have so much information I've shared and want to expand on growing from Medicinal days spent in California, then Colorado, and finishing here in Michigan. My goal is to expand what Seed Banks I support and genetic breeders they carry so I can expand whom I promote to my followers. I've had an awesome time with my other sponsors, I am still planning to carry on our great relationships. 

Essentially what I would be asking from your company is a sample pack of fFemale genetics or some sort of promotional items. This could be 1 seed. Promo pack (whatever your company can spare, has overstock on -(preferred-) or is willing to send). I'm not greedy and know all companies are in business to make a profit. In exchange for your company (which I've heard nothing but great things about it already-, and that's why I'm contacting you) would, (all or any if wanted,) take pictures/videos of all items, do a video of unboxing, give your site a shout out, and whomever a shout out for their genetics.

Following up, I would be taking daily photos, and videos from the time of germination, all the way until flowering is complete. These pictures and videos would include close up of trichomes, full buds and video review with my Nikon and my Micron-scopes. You’d get my testimony for my current and future followers to see. I feel it would result in some excellent advertising and longtime customers for your company. I’d be ecstatic if your company giveallowed me the opportunity to sample your genetics/breeder and help me expand the cannabis culture here in Michigan and the United States.

I honestly free if this medicine was in most people's possession as I know it has been proven to help others, and I can speak for its healing qualities, and know many that couldn’t function if they didn’t have it. Not to mention that we all know that the world itself could use some relaxation. I’m looking forward to hearing back from someone from the side ofwithin your company as I took the time to type this and reach out to you! 

Thanks in advance for your time it's much appreciated, and I’m looking forward to our future contact, and if possible possibly tobeen able to work with your company for some social media advertising and pushing out on other platforms I use. I’m currently two weeks behind but plan on being caught up by the end of this week. Nevertheless, but here is the rough draft of un-boxing I’ve got to add my opener and closer to. Figure you’d want to see a sample of my work. That can be viewed here currently: