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Blue Gene Baby by Fiona Dunbar by maria6

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"You think long and hard enough about a problem, there's always an answer. Like way back when people thought, wouldn't it be amazing to go to the moon? Well, they figured out a way to do it, didn't they? "

Blue Gene Baby by Fiona Dunbar is a brilliant read published by Orchard Books with interesting plot twists and has fun packed in those 315 pages of adventure in Fashionworld. The book is the second in a series of 3, which began with the hugely popular Pink Chameleon, what I learned after reading a few chapters when I thought some details of past events were described briefly. Fiona Dunbar is a children’s author and illustrator who is interested in magic as she wanted to be Mary Poppins when she was 8. 

Blue Gene Baby is amusing even if you are not the targeted audience. The author has done the best efforts for a story that includes exposes ing the conspiracies behind every big corporation and how it things are achieved by corrupt methods. The art of exploration by the sisters and unearthing of the biggest secrets of the masks that people wear are , they all seem to be the main themes of the book. 

The story revolves around the Silk Sisters, Rorie and Elsie, who are living with the undisputed queen of Fashionworld, Nolita Newbuck after they survive their wicked Uncle Harris and his school, Poker Bute Hall and escape to her. As to their advantage, Although they have  got retail therapy ies and fabulosity lessons (which teaches the art of being fabulous) available to them, they would trade it for their missing scientist parents. round the clock however, the only thing they don’t have in their hands and are ready to swap everything for them are their missing scientist parents. Elsie comfortably believes everything Nolita says as she’s just 7 and she gave them a place to stay however, Rorie has her doubts. 

So, Rorie snoops through Nolita’s files in her chameleon guise as Nolita (after she was struck by lightning in the escape from Poker Bute Hall and Arthur Clarkson, her chameleon, in her hands, she now has the ability to turn into anyone by wearing their clothes) to discover a BIG SECRET about her. Rexco is a big, evil organisation and Nolita has a part in it which, according to Rorie, means that she was involved inmakes her an involvement in the big game as the parents of the Silk Sisters had an appointment with Rexco the day they went missing.

Rorie and Elsie run away off from Fashioworld after learning comprehending the truth and try to sail to New York where more surprises await them. As Rorie is in conflict with this idea as New York is very distant, she is astonished to land there in very little time. They soon realize that it is some man-made, fog hidden confidential amusement park named Minimerica for the Rexco workers. Together, the Silk Sisters unfold numerous mysteries in Minimerica each with a new disaster waiting for them. 

My favourite character in the book was Rorie because I like the spirit of determination in her for finding their parents; she makes firm decisions and also looks after her little sister quite responsibly. The story kept me hooked and guessing the next step because the plot turns were gripping and kept me turning the pages. My favourite part of the book was when Nolita told her trauma and back-story which revealed why she always wants to be busy and what made her so successful. I disliked the fact that the real story started very late and then many things started happening at once.

I would like to recommend this to readers who love adventure and mystery and are a fan of Elvis Presley. Find out why Nolita is acting so weird and why she took the Silk Sisters in aside their differences in Blue Gene baby.