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Sport attitudes by risk

Journal article . Deadline 2019-12-31
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Attitudes Ttowards Ssports Pparticipation Aamong Sstudents Iin Aa Rrural Ssetting

Risk Matiya


The current study sought to explore the attitudes of rural students in a rural area of Bikita district towards sports participation. Many Zimbabwean parents regard sports participation as a luxury. Children are warned against participating in sports at the expense of an academic career. The study employsed an explorative survey design. 2000 students from the rural areas of Zzaka Bbikita district were targeted in this study, where 400 self-administered questionnaires on self-reported attitudes towards sports participation were completed. Cluster random sampling was used to derive the current study sample. The results indicated that attitudes towards sports were very positive. However, they there were several misgivings concerning the participation in sports. These misgivings, concerns and reservations were related to fears of risk of injury, this is on one hand. On the other hand, female students felt that sports participation was largely a male pursuit.