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Another Me - Chapter One by lordki

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Cody Fletcher started his new life in a at a place that should only exist in his imagination.

 He used to be a normal teenage boy with a normal teenage life. At the very moment he set foot in on that magic tunnel, he had chosen a path of no return. The life he had lived for eighteen years of his existence , was no longer his.

That magic tunnel with its dim light coming out of nowhere. The slippery ground beneath his feet, littered with rocks, made his way trippy. It was the last connection with to where he belonged. The second sunlight hit him from the other end of the tunnel, and then it closed behind him, he became a part of this place.

"Welcome to Ande."

This place greeted him with people rushing around, fully armed, denoting a potential future of training and fighting, very much to his taste. He could imagine himself looking like that, a warrior in his shining armorarmour, riding those flying horses. He thought at least he would be half as cool as the statue they displayed at the gates.

And he knew it would happen.

Ethan Grant began his new life in at a place that he had only read about in myths.mythologies.

He had a normal teenage life as a normal teenage boy, but he decided to leave it all behind his back when he took his first step on that magic tunnel. The life he planned to live, at his best, made a turn after his eighteen years of living.

The iInside of the magic tunnel looked like a fluffy cloud with soft light shining bright. The ground was a soft grass carpet, cosseting every step of his. The tunnel was a one-way ticket away from where he belonged. Right at that moment moment ssunlightunlight  embraced him from the other end of the tunnel, and then it disappeared behind his back; this, this place became his new home. 

"Welcome to Ande."

This place greeted him with magnificent landscapes. , Ththe sun shone shined bright inon the clear blue sky, drawing a prospect of a peaceful future, and that, was absolutely suited his liking. He could picture himself living his life untroubled. He expected to be as free as those fluffy white clouds in on the sky, not engaging in with any problems.

But he knew it wouldn't happen.

Little did they know, they were the ones to change the fate of this place, of these people.

Of course, they didn't. It dDoesn't mean that no one else did.

Ramiel walked to the balcony, where he could have a view of the world outside. Aithen had already been there for a while.

"Do you think they can make it? When I heard the prophecy, I had thought them to be something more." Ramiel pulled his sunglasses down, revealinged a pair of eyes with a shade of darkness. 

"The prophecy also told us how to get to them. It can't be wrong." Aithen sounded pretty sure. The prophecy was from the Goddess of War, and she was known to be very precise on what she said.

Ramiel leaned his willowy body on the balustrade. It just didn't feel right to him. He knew Aithen felt the same, but he never doubted those Gods and Goddesses. He let out a sigh, ,,hopefully he was just paranoid. 

Cody rambled through the yard without anything in his mind. Without an instructor, he had no idea what to do here. Of course, he knew the purpose of him being at this place, but it was far different than actually having a clear step-to-step guidance. And just when his mind started asking questions, his eyes caught sight of that person.

Ethan stood still there in confusion, like a figurine. Whoever brought took him here had told him the reason why, but not the things he had to do. He felt like a lost child, knowing that he himself had a home yet could not tell the way back to it. WAnd , when that thought occupied his mind, he got a glimpse of that person.

Two boys met each other for the first time in their entire life;, yet, it felt like they had known each other for eternity.

They were looking at themselves, on another body.

Cody and Ethan shared the same face.