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48 Suggestions by quraisha

5. Expidate To expedite changes, we need approval from DPE and the client .its  It may be or may not be presenting CAB CALL.Closer code and closer note need to update before noting cloing the change.

6. With regards to canceling  or holding the change coordinate SAM and Change Management team to Cancel or Extending the change window.

7. In order to create SR have selected the  with generic Serivice service and it should be mentioned that the category  categort and subcategory filed .Fill up with a red colour star in  mark mandatory fields.

8. Every SR have may have one or more requested Items and they will have different have SLA. When we close the request item (RTM) SR will automatically closed.

9. Pending state will make SLA Hold. If the service requested  requires d any change to complete the request item coordinate with h SAM and make the SR to Close skiped.It will show as close incomplete.

10. Cancellation Canceletion of the service request or if it does its not belongs to us, to be discussed  discusss with SAM.

11. To Create a report click new report and set the filter and save.Report will generate excel format.