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Email by scott

Interview follow up email
Email . Deadline 2020-07-29
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Hi Evan, 


I appreciate the time you spent with me yesterday afternoon and learning a bit about you and Agility from your perspective. I forgot to mention that my cousin lives in San Diego and was married in November at the Zoo. Best wedding ever.


From what I have learned through my conversations with you, Jessica, and Jami the culture of  learning and growing, culture as well as being adaptive are extremely exciting to me as I think about how I could fit into this team. As you mentioned you are not "corporate" and I feel the same way. Having the opportunity to make a real impact on helping Agility grow its agency & brand billing with happy clients while having the opportunity to impact the team internally is an ideal situation for me. All of this is to say that I very much would love to be a part of your organization to learn and grow with Agility as I see an awesome product and the people I have met have been awesome. 


Here is a link to a cheesy self-promo and referral clip from one of my clients. It's about the worst self-marketing scheme I have tried. My kid still laughs at me when it comes on.


Thank you again for your time and consideration. If there is an area you wanted to discuss that was not mentioned hit on I would love to fill in any gaps. 


Have a great day! 

Scott A. Vautrin