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Every institution or company must have held an event either be it formal or informal events. According to Nugroho Ajie Hartanto, the event is the activity or an agenda held for celebrating the good things individually or in groups (164). An event held by the institutions or companies has the purpose of to communicating e the message to the attendees participants. Commonly, the event held by the institutions or companies takes place every once a year, once a month, or even every day. According to Jackson, events do not just happen spontaneously (2). Therefore, the institutions or companies that will hold an event must think carefully about the preparation and planning of the events.

The companies that hold an event aimed to promote and market the brand, product, and service to the public. It is called event marketing. According to Drengner et al, event marketing is a direct relationship between brand, product, or service to consumers through an event organized by the company itself (138). Event marketing is a form of product brand campaign to bring companies and brand, product, or service closer to the public through activities such as sports, social, and entertainment. The companies which implement event marketing can attract a lot of consumers, create potential consumers, and deliver the brand message well.  

The success of events held conducted by a company is affected by such important factors such as the event concept, budgeting, and marketing communication (AdPRO Indonesia). The concept of the event is important to create an event because, without a concept or theme, a company cannot achieve the goal of the event purpose of the company that wants to reach. The company also needs to pay attention to the budget expenditure so that the budget expenditure can be adapted to the company’s purpose with the event held. Marketing communication is also very important to host create an event because the information about the event will be relayed to the public. Therefore, the event will be attended by the targeted consumers audiences

To inform the public about the event to the public, the companies are use ing promotions. Promotions are is the most effective way to bring people’s attention to promoting an event. Even the companies also implement the promotional mix to promote an event. According to Alexandrescu and Milandru (270), the promotional mix is a combination of promotion methods and techniques. In other words, the promotional mix is a promotion strategy which is used s for offering products and, services, and activity. According to Kotler and Armstrong, a promotional mix consists of five elements. These elements are advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, public relations/publicity, and direct marketing (719). Each element of the promotional mix has specific tools for promoting the product and service of the company. 

One of the companies that implements event marketing is PT. Suara Merdeka Press. Through the Marketing Communication of Suara Merdeka, this company has held some events and one of them is the Warga Guyub Event. The Warga Guyub Event is a monthly event held by the Suara Merdeka company since 2015. This event has been held in several regions in Semarang such as Cepoko, Bulu Lor, Semarang Barat, etc. The  Warga Guyub Event is held to for bringing the product and brand of Suara Merdeka closer to the society of Semarang. In promoting the Warga Guyub Event, the Suara Merdeka company implements the promotional mix strategy consists of 5 elements; advertising, sales promotion, public relation/publicity, direct marketing, and personal selling. Every element that is used by Suara Merdeka in promoting the Warga Guyub Event has a different way of implementing it. Hence, by implementing the promotional mix, the Warga Guyub event can be followed by hundreds to thousands of participants. 

Marketing Communication of Suara Merdeka has done some events like charity, workshops, sports, and any other events with the public and communities. Furthermore, the Marketing Communication of Suara Merdeka also offers sponsorship to any events held by other organizations. In doing event activities with the public and the communities, Marketing Communication of Suara Merdeka shares that activity to the official Instagram account of Suara Merdeka, @suara_merdeka. Even to share the information of an event held by Suara Merdeka, the staff of Marketing Comunication of Suara Merdeka will also share to the Instagram @suara_merdeka so the information can be delivered to the public.

The writer chose the Warga Guyub Event because the Warga Guyub Event is the first event held by Suara Merdeka since 2015 and is still held until 2020. Implicitly, this event gives messages to the public and millennials in introducing the Suara Merdeka newspaper. The Suara Merdeka newspaper is the main product from PT. Suara Merdeka Press and this newspaper provides national and international news, which is up-to-date and actual factual. It is a the challenge for Suara Merdeka to introduce their product to the public and millennials because nowadays the public, especially millennials rarely read news in from the newspaper. It is hoped, the public and millennials will know and read the news in from the Suara Merdeka newspaper.

This graduating paper would be discussed at the about Warga Guyub Event, which includes general information, the aims, the advantages, the activity, and criteria of Warga Guyub Event, which is  addressed for the  customers and business partner. Furthermore, the writer also discussed the promotional mix by Kotler and Armstrong; then, it will be analyzed in promoting the Warga Guyub Event. Thus, it is expected that this graduating paper would provide the promotional strategy event carried out performed by Suara Merdeka.