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7 Suggestions by quraisha

With Mars in its own sign, you desire to be on top of the game. There’s nothing wrong with being dedicated to your work. Yet, in this month it is better to step back and allow yourself to rest. Put aside any important matters and just let your hair down completely on December 21. Your energy levels will rise dramatically in the following few days, and everything you’ve planned will come to you easily and naturally by the end of the month.

December will be a good time to focus on your health and engage in sports activities. If you are looking to lose weight and get into shape, there is no better moment for that. Your well being is under the influence of Mars, meaning you are as energized and confident as ever before. If In case you are into sport already the chances are you will set a new personal record.

Home duties may seem exhausting, and demands of your family members - relentless. Petty arguments will be a constant irritant, however, there’s not much you can do about them. Just try not to waste your energy fixating on negative thoughts.

Mars is known to rule over our most primal instinct, so whenever this passionate planet visits your sign your sexual energy is on the rise. Sexual fantasies take over your mind in December. Your partner is extremely aroused by your sensuality and insatiable appetites. And if you are single, there is every likelihood of a new relationship coming into your life.

Be cautious handling your finances in the last week of the month. An opportunity to of buying new property might arise. However lucrative the offer may be, don’t rush into things: carefully weigh all pros and cons. Avoid making any important financial decisions up to the end of the month.