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Yemen Crisis by alynnah

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  As of today, the country of Yemen is considered one of the least developed countries in the world. The UN refers to them as “the largest humanitarian crisis in the world”. By 2018, it had an estimated population of 28.5 million with nearly 80% of those living in a state of indigence making them one of the poorest countries in the Arab world. The main cause of Yemen’s deficiency came from their past experiences with civil wars for many decades. However, the one that affected them the most was their war with Suadi Saudi-Arabia that has been going on since 2015. It is a battle that  extremely changed the lives of many people’s lives for the worse and forced them to live in one of the poorest conditions. People continue to suffer from the scarcity of basic needs and are dying from various illnesses. After being troubled by civil wars for decades, Yemenis are finding it difficult to fight for their survival. There is only one reason behind this humanitarian catastrophe that people in Yemen are coping with up until now and that should be is due to the ongoing conflict.


The first spark of the conflict emerged during the Arab Spring of 2011, where the country’s authoritarian president, Ali Abdullah Saleh was forced to hand over his position to his vice president, Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi. The idea was that this political transition would lead to Yemen’s stability, but Hadi struggled with various problems such as militant attacks, corruption, and food insecurity. The Houthis then took advantage of his weaknesses and attempted to take control of the entire country causing Hadi to flee abroad in March 2015. Therefore, the war broke out on exactly March 22, 2015, with Saudi-Arabia who was were alarmed by the rise of a group they believed to be backed militarily by Iran. The coalition eventually reached a stalemate and from then on, Yemen’s health system collapsed and almost 80% of the population needed humanitarian assistance. The war has led to inflation, unemployment, and lack of salary payments, as well as an acute shortage of fuel, food, and medicine. Saudi Arabia thought that this war would only last a few weeks, but four years of military stalemate have come after.  


 In addition to the resulting war, a petrifying cholera epidemic began in 2016 which triggered the living conditions of the Yemeni people even more. As of 2019, the disease was assumed to have affected over 1 million people and caused almost 2,500 deaths. The main impacts of the outbreak were aggravated by the breakdown of public health services, where workers were unpaid for a few months. It was just a crucial devastating experience that Yemeni people had to go through and none of them anticipated what was to come as a result of this conflict.  

Reduction in Economic Growth 

 The =war conflict in Yemen is damaging the lifestyle lives of many people immensely that  and it has led to a reduction break in economic growth. This depletion means that the level of poverty will increase in the country and that is going to be a threat to the economy since that would result in poor living conditions and is likely to increase the tensions in society. Another problem that will arise if economic growth continues to diminish is that there would will be a higher level of unemployment in the country. This is a sign of economic distress because then people will not have any source of income which might will lead to depression and low self-esteem if unable to find any work. With the reduction in economic growth, Yemen’s public health, water, and sanitation infrastructure continue to collapse. People are in danger because they do not have any access to the essential things that they need to survive the horrendous effect of the war. If this situation continues, the death toll of the country will surely rise even more although even though there were already 233,000 deaths in 2019. Surely, this economic downturn will not benefit anyone and will only cause people to feel disturbed by live in fear because their living conditions will worsen as the day goes by.