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Technology in our lives by carlos_marcelo

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Nowadays we live are surrounded by technology, so it is common to use cameras for our protection., but However, they completely invade our privacy and they provoke serious social conflicts that many times are not solved due to lack of information.


The cameras control everything and they make people feel extremely uncomfortable and intimidated because they don’t have any privacy. Information is easy to get obtain and people feel increasingly unsafe because they don’t want their private personal information to be known. Nobody likes people to know where they live or what are they doing.


However, the system of cameras helps make our city safer because with them we can quickly know who commits a murder, a robbery or any crime. In addition, cameras are absolutely precise to  in identifying everyone, so that they allow the police and that judges to punish the real criminal.


In conclusion cameras in public places help those places to be safer and quieter because they are more controlled. Our social behaviour is better when there is a punishment for breaking the law. If we were more supportive and good, we would not need any vigilance surveillance because there would not be crimes to solve.