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Books or Movies? Which is better by maria6

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Quotes about books vs movies: Books and movies are like apples and oranges. They both are fruit, but taste completely different. –Stephen King

Books or movies? This is a question that has been on all of our minds since childhood. which around all of us revolving around our minds even from childhood. And o Of course some people will prefer movies over books because they are not as long as books and also they think that movies have much more action. People also think that movies are more tangible, visual, and compact than comparable in comparison to written works, and are therefore easier to remember. However, this blog will help you to determine the reason for your decision of books or movies.?

Now, some people like me already know the black and white to this issue. But you all perceive We all believe that everything on this planet has its own positive and negative consequences just like books and movies. So I'm going to leave it up to you on your opinion.


I love the movies, and when I go to see a movie that’s been made from one of my books, I know that it isn’t going to be exactly like my novel because a lot of other people have interpreted it. But I also know it has an idea that I’ll like because that idea occurred to me, and I spent a year, or a year and a half of my life working on it.

–Stephen King


Advantages of movies:

  • Watching a movie can be stimulating since it allows you to relax, ease yourself and have a pleasant time. unwind and enjoy yourself. 
  • They expand our imagination because they bring to life some characters which we just imagined in books or comic books.
  • They display various cultures and traditions around the world which we were oblivious about. Most of the movies show customs and arts of foreign countries.
  • Movies are inspired from our daily lives so they depict a mirror to our society.They build civic sense, ensure public morality and their propagation.
  • Films inspire us to be insightful, determined and other virtues which make us positive\ minded.
25 best quotes comparing books and movies | Reading quotes ...

Disadvantages of Movies:

  • Today, movies are showcasing more violence than ever before which is destroying the minds of the young generation.
  • Movies are a mere wastage waste  of time and money. We don’t realise that we are wasting our money, our precious time, eyes and efforts on something undeserving.
  • It is very common that kids nowadays are watching so much many movies which and this can be makes them addictive to it. They abandon their crucial tasks to watch movies.
  • Bullying, stealing, shoplifting, threatening, gang making, verbal abuse, touting weapons etc. are the most common effects of movies which show lawlessness.
  • The world is full of brave, innovative, life-saving people who carry on with their lives. But their achievements are dwarfed by a giant poster of movies publicizsed throughout the whole world.


25 best quotes comparing books and movies

“Books are ALWAYS better than movies! They are ready when you are. You are a participant and not a mere observer. You make the decisions what things look like, or ought to. You are gaining skills reading not just being fed somebody else's interpretation of the story.”

― John Leonarz


Advantages of Books

  • Books are portable and can be read online at anytime. They can be borrowed from a library or from a friend.
  • When we read a book, we can envision the characters a certain way however, they are quite different in the movies which disappoints us.
  • You can read books in  at your own pace and in your own time.
  • In books, you can know what the characters are thinking and how they are feeling as you spend more time with them.
  • Books allow you to know the background of the story and plot details.
  • Books can stay with you no matter how old you grow. They are always stuck in your mind and they also influence you in a way you would have never imagined.
10 Main Reasons How Books Are Better Than Movies

If you wanna want to know more about the benefits of reading, do check my last post. Also, I don't consider any possible disadvantages for stopping you to from reading books so I'm not going to write any disadvantages. On the contrary, I'm going to ask you to read more often.


In my opinion, it's better to read books than to watch a 2 hour (more or less) movie. There are always two sides of to a coin . Movies do more harm than good which is not perceived easily. People realize the advantages of movies quite easily as that is what's publicizsed too so much, however they do not perceive the bad things in them. You can watch a movies but within limits in a limited amount. Forget the violence and disturbance of a movie and focus on it's bright side. However, I will encourage you to read books instead. Share with me your opinion about it and also if you consider that there are any disadvantages of reading books.