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Reading Matters by maria6

This is a blog which I've written for the first time. I've written it for encouraging people to read. Please proofread it and tell me my errors, synonyms I can use and if you want to add any phrase or idiom or proverb accordingly. Thank you!
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Reading Matters

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.”

– Jim Rohn.

Once  When I stumbled upon this quote, it really inspired me for you already have wings. All you need to do is open a book, spread your wings and touch the sky. Reading will help you do the most impossible, unbearable and paradoxical. It will strengthen you from the inside, will shape your mind and make you have a boundless expand  your imagination. We love to read many books because of the characters found inside them or because the plot is quite captivating. Once we start reading, it's like there is a bond between us and the characters of that book. I love to imagine a place where my childhood characters were because I didn't just grew reading them, I grew by their side.

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I really relate with to the above quote by Jogue Luis Borges and I'm sure you all will too because while reading a book I get lost in a world of my imagination, far better than reality. It takes me to an adventure where you don't have to worry about your job, your status and every complication going on in your life. You are free! Let me know in the comments about your opinion. Now I am going to share some reasons for you to try reading a book if you don't like to read or are not intrigued by a books, and if you are interested in reading I hope this blog will encourage you to read more often.


Expands Vocabulary

Using good vocabulary is a way of expressing yourself and your thoughts. If you don't know how to convey your thoughts to others, you''ll be acting the giddy goat and will seem as dumb as a box of rocks. As the quote says,

Think before you speak. Read before you think.

-Fran Lebowitz

So in order to communicate yourself effectively and socialize, you need good speaking skills and words up to the mark. It shows how cultivated you are. It'll also help you get adequate jobs secure good employment and interact with upstanding people.

Boosts focus and Concentration

Nowadays people have a lot going on in their heads. Sometimes, thinking about what will happen next in their life, the upcoming movies, the stress of how they'll achieve their most beloved goals and others more. Even when they are on their phone they are checking for new messages while drinking their coffee and also having an audio call which hampers concentration.

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However, while reading you focus on the story-line of the book which strengthens concentration which is lacking in our society. Reading for 15-20 minutes can help you improve your focal point making you more productive.

Enables you to understand others

When the characters of a book go through different aspects of dilemmas, the author describes it as if it's happening to you which enables you to understand people more deeply. You apprehend become sensitive to other people's situation. A book helps you to have an insight into the lives of others. on other people's life.

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It happens to me often. Since I have read a book with the same situation it helps me to understand their trauma and deal with it accordingly.For example someone's having a bad day and is mad at you for no good reason, it's not necessary for you to do the same. You can motivate them or find a solution for their problems.

Provides Entertainment

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Most of all, reading provides entertainment and loads of fun. You get to go on adventures that don't cost you a cent. with nothing to cost. You can be transported to a new world with different people of with your vivid imagination. In one book you can be Peter Pan flying with Tinkerbell all over Neverland or you can be chased by a giant gross looking troll with a hairy body or in one book you can be stuck in a storm with no idea where you're moving towards. It all depends upon on your imagination.

So this is where we come to an end folks! Comment your thoughts about your interest in reading and if this blog encouraged you? Do tell me what's the best time, in your opinion, for reading?

Have fun and Happy Reading!