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Do university rankings matter ? by manurung

Hey guys! It'd be great if y'all could take a look and rate my essay for a class. I wrote this in a casual and unstructured way, kind of in the style of a blog post. Tell me what you think and feedback is definitely appreciated!
Deadline 2019-12-19
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To cut to the chase, yes and no. But hopefully by the end of the article, I can convince you the answer is, or at least to me, mostly yes.

In some Asian cultures where grades hold significantly higher importance, it’s largely the be-all and end-all of employment opportunities. In South Korea, a degree from the country’s Ttop Holy Trinity of universities is as good asalmost a requiredment to get your foot in the door of a large corporation or land a “good job”; preferably with 6 letters. (refer to your nearest Asian parent for whatever that means).

However, the fact that there is no absolute answer to the question stems from a fundamentally flawed inconsistencyflaw in the global university ranking systems and how they are; these metrics are subjective to the different ranking institutions. On QS World University Rankings’ annual list for 2020, MIT  (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) was rankaed on tops the food chain whereas on Times Higher Education, where Oxford ranks highestand MIT is demoted to 4th place, it ranks #4. These discrepancies are a constant throughout but by comparing university standings between the various annual lists you can somewhat gauge the prestige of institutions.

But higher education isn’t for everybody though. Legend has it that Sir Lilliam “Lil Pump” Pumpernickel dropped out of Harvard to save the rap game and made it what it is today.