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Barter is About Relationships by lisa

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Barter is About Relationships 


Think about buying a house, a car, groceries, furniture, or advertising. These are some of the products and services we purchase during the course of our lives. I realized that the more important the purchase, the more important the relationship with the sales person becomes. If I am buying a house, which most likely is the most important purchase I will make in my life time, I need to have a strong, solid relationship with the sales person. I need to understand, believe, and trust them. It is the same in the “Barter World.” In the Barter World, there is a saying that the “Seller is King.” Sellers decide when/what they sell and to whom. This is why building a good, friendly relationship is key to being able to buy things you want on trade.


As a barter exchange operator, sometimes we receive calls from disappointed buyers reporting that the seller does not want to trade. Of course, we follow up with the seller, as we know there are always two sides to every story. We call the seller and candidly the seller discloses to us in confidence that they are actually selling, just not to that particular person. They explain that the buyer was not nice nor did not feel the “chemistry” work the member. The bottom line is - be nice with the seller! Establish a good relationship from the beginning and the seller will open the floodgates. 


In my exchange, we wear several “hats” for our members. 

We help you sell.

First, we market your business to our membership, letting hundreds of other business owners know that you want their business. We help build relationships between you and your company and other members. This is accomplished by promoting your business via marketing channels to increase awareness of your brand and advertise a specific offer. Relationships that, in many cases, would not have happened otherwise. 


We help you buy.

Once you have made sales to other members, we put on a new “hat,” by helping you buy the products and services you want or need on trade. Trade Directors conduct outbound calls on a daily basis to the members. The purpose is to uncover needs, inform members of new trades, and provide customer service. We serve as the record keeper for each transaction, providing monthly accounting statements so you have all the records you need. This is why having a good relationship with your Broker or Trade Director is super important. Have you heard of the term VIP-Very Important Member? Certain brokers have created the term VIM -Very Important Member. These are members on their “list” to which they give preference or first option to purchase some of the best products or services arriving such as airfare, high end jewelry, electronics and others. 


Here are some quick tips for healthy Barter Trade relationships:


- Pick the Right Exchange

- Pick the Right Barter partner

- Start small and increase over time

- Put it in writing

- Establish a clear timeline with dates

- Communicate frequently

- Invest time in product knowledge

- Know your seller

- Ask questions

- Work closely with your Trade Director

We noticed that the happiest members of our exchange are the members that communicate the most with our company. Communication with other members and your exchange counts. Squeeze more from buyers, sellers and your exchange.