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As Since I was born and raised in a rural area of Bangladesh, I had close interaction with the farm, farming, and agriculture from my childhood. I observed the problems related to crop production and the difficulties of farmers experience in raising crops, closely. Hence, I had a desire to involve agricultural education and related research to provide better community service. 


I have completed my BSc in Agriculture and MS in Plant Pathology from Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), Mymensingh. My research interest is developing environmentally -friendly plant protection technologies to help farmers for sustainable crop management. Therefore, I am much interested in pursuing my doctoral degree concentrating on biological control of late blight f potato at the Department of Biology of the University of Fribourg which is renowned for its world class education and research.


My current position at Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI), the nation’s largest crop research organization has given me a wide range of disciplines to choose from for advanced research. I am employed for about 7 years in multidisciplinary sector in the field of agriculture and plant science. My recent research focus lies on molecular plant bacteriology as I am passionate about to identifying  plant-associated beneficial bacteria for their better use in sustainable crop protection approach. Previously, I was involved with in a project and published a conference paper, in which I successfully identified a few cyanogenic Pseudomonas spp. for controlling Phytophthora infestans causing late bight of potato varieties for profitable potato production in my home country.


I have chosen to apply at the Department of Biology of the University of Fribourg, Switzerland especially due to its outstanding research environment which includes cutting-edge technology through its inter-departmental platforms and collaboration with other international partners. My interest goes its top to is to work with the Weisskopf Group focusing on plant-associated bacteria and their antagonistic activity against plant diseases. I am enthusiastic excited to learn about state-of-the-art phytopathology and molecular biology techniques that are currently being used to integrate beneficial plant-microbes into novel disease management strategies. It will be a great opportunity to equip myself with the best knowledge to cope with the current global challenges of sustainable crop protection.


I believe the PhD program in at a world reputed university like University of Fribourg will train and educate me with the contemporary knowledge and techniques that I can bring back for to my country. I will be well-decorated equipped  with academic and practical knowledge to plan and execute research projects focusing biocontrol agents for plant protection at lower environmental costs. Moreover, my institute has a basic molecular biology laboratory set up and emphasizes ing on developing environmentally sound plant protection techniques. If I can avail this doctoral opportunity, it will be a path forward to achieve my country’s ongoing policy leading to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN.


In addition to academics, I was also involved with several volunteer organizations. I had been serving as a Co-Organizing Secretary of a free blood donation organization named “Badhon” for three years. I have gained experience taking responsibility and working with a team during while serving the organization. I have a track record of working in different research teams, report writing, and publication of research results. I believe to be I am an excellent team member of the research group through my dedication and quick learning ability.


My future plan is to develop biocontrol products for other cereal and vegetable diseases after completing my PhD degree. My long-term goal is to continue a career in agricultural research and development. I believe the research and scientific skill courses at the Fribourg Graduate School of Life Sciences of the University of Fribourg will help me to addressing existing problems of crop protection successfully. I want to devote myself in to such research by which  so that I can help the farmers in solving their existing and upcoming hurdles of crop protection. I feel that the doctoral research at the University of Fribourg will help me to fulfill my dream. Thank you!