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Personal statement . Deadline 2020-05-20
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I hadn’t had any interest in teaching until much later in high school. I knew nothing about it but things changed for me after that.  

It began with fellow students at high school in 2013, telling me “you have a mesmerizing ability to persuade someone, you can will make a good teacher ” I would only smile at their opinions because I had no idea of what I would be best at. I could be. As time went on their words sank in. I got attached to these opinions and eventually, decided to begin with leadership. I contested for school leadership and became a general secretary in at a student government. Being a leader was a fortune experience that increased my confidence and changed my self-image. It made me realize my potential and talents. The way I organized, communicated and dealt with various students ch would make me a good teacher.


I took that experience from high school to heart and applied to join the University of Dar es salaam in the 2015/2016 academic year to pursue a bachelor’s  degree. My ultimate goal was to expand  my  academic  horizons  and become a part of an incredible family of teachers. Second to none, the university broadened my knowledge, developed my skills and perfectly prepared me for a profession that I desired to excel at. It is an excellent platform that provided me with a collection of community experiences and personal development opportunities. Due to my good interpersonal skills and sociable nature, my fellow students preferred to choose chose me to lead them on academic and social issues. My excellence in at interpersonal communication skills and a good work ethics earned me membership in Calvary Youth Choir, DUCE Linguistic Club, YALI Initiative and Tanzania Youth Ministry (TAYOMI) where i also served as a chairperson. At the university I did took various courses in Education, Linguistics and Literature which equipped me well  with essential knowledge and skills.


I stand by the assertion that every student deserves a qualified teacher. This changing world requires qualified and culturally diverse teachers who are confident and independent enough to inspire and encourage children to realize their potential and value the full worth of their education. Among others, this is the reason that has prompted me to apply for a Master’s degree of Arts in Education with an endorsement in English as a Second Language (ESL). I’m looking forward to building upon my success and fulfillment I have already experienced as a teacher and gain further satisfaction from my career. As a person who has taught in different schools in Tanzania, instead of  having to hear it second hand, I’m aware of the challenges facing Tanzanian education system, more specifically in teaching English as second language. In regard to the experience  I  have so far gained  through  teaching  English language  in  different  Tanzanian  primary and  secondary  schools,  I have become familiar   with   the   challenges   facing  both  English  language  teachers  and  students  in  learning and teaching English  as  a  second  language.  Some  of  the  challenges  being   teachers’ low  capacity  to  facilitate  teaching  of  English as a  subject  and  the lack  of  suitable  language  teaching  techniques as well. Another  challenge  is the  inadequate  supply of  suitable  teaching  and  learning  materials.  For instance  in  my  simple  review  and  in  talking  to  various  English  teachers  here  in  Tanzania,  I  have  discovered  numerous inappropriate English  textbooks used in  primary  and  secondary  schools. Therefore, I’m  eagerly  anticipating  for a limitless  knowledge  that  will  enable  me to get gain  a professional  role in solving these  challenges. Advanced courses in curriculum and instructional development, educational leadership, educational technology, new teaching techniques and ESL endorsement to name a few, will provide me with a solid foundation  that will grow in my knowledge, skills and experience in supporting my students to thrive in their educational journey. I will use my  expertise  to  empower  not only students but also English language teachers in achieving  their  goals  by preparing  convenient  English  textbooks and training teachers on how to improve their grounds in teaching of English as second language. My long term aspiration is attaining a PhD in Education that will offer me a leadership opportunity to plan and improve the quality of education in my entire community.


Getting Winning a scholarship to enroll at Felician University in New Jersey to me will be a dream come true since i I have  been  striving for an opportunity  to  further  my education,  but  I  have  never  had  a  chance  because  of my financial  inability. Through the university’s website  I have been fascinated by your respect for diversity. I like the fact that the university is accepting a variety of students from different backgrounds and countries. I’m eagerly looking  forward  to gaining a huge, and culturally diversified diverse experience through  interacting  with  people  from  different  cultural  backgrounds  and  contribute  contributing as  much  as  possible  to  the community  of  the  university  through  sharing  my  own. I have also been super pleased by impressed with your sporting activities such as athletics. Since my educational journey is not meant to be a lonely trip, this will allow me to make friends  whilst getting involved in extracurricular activities. Furthermore, it will  be  my  pleasure  to improve my English  skills by learning instantly  from  people who use the language on  a  daily  basis. basis. 

I can not think of anyone more deserving than me, I thus  commend recommend myself for the master scholarship at Felician University. I’m certain that you will find my firsthand  and  professional  experiences impressive enough to successfully complete a Master’s degree of Arts in Education at your esteemed university. However,  the  most   compelling  force  comes  from  my  heartfelt  passion  for  bettering  myself  and  sharing  my  expertise  to  brighten  and   help  others  achieve  their  goals.  I  would  like  to extend my sincere  gratitude  for  considering  my  application  though  I  couldn’t  wouldn't have  made  it  to  this  far,  it is  thanks  to  without the International Freshman Scholarship  Program.