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a barter exchange as your network by lisa

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A Barter exchange Exchange as Your Network

When was the last time you bartered for something? Remember what it was? Chances are that it was a direct transaction in which you paid for a product or service with your own product or service directly. Last year, I had a tattoo done last year and the tattoo artist said to me: “told me that she I bartered for all the construction in her my new tattoo studio. SheI paid with hermy time and talent doing tattoos. Tattoos for construction - ”t That’s is impressive. Imagine as a business owner having to trade directly in every barter transaction. Finding everything on your wish list might not be that easy.Chances are that you would be unable to find everything on your wish list.

If you’re like most business owners, you know where every penny goes. You don’t have a lot of extra cash floating around all the time. But I know that doesn’t slow you down. Barter, through an organized exchange, Barter Exchange using a common private currency, can be an excellent way to get the things you want while increasing the visibility of your business.

Bartering can benefit your company in many different ways:

-- It can helps you save cash on capital expenditures.


--It can helps you advertise for new business.

-- It can increases your sales by putting excess inventory to work — which means your business becomes more efficient.


--You can often obtain goods and services on more advantageous terms than you can with cash

-It will enhances your lifestyle by allowing you to spend on things like vacations and entertainment which you otherwise would not be able to afford often.

Barter is a no- brainer forr most businesses. If you own a business, why not give it a try?

Here’s an important check list to consider If you’re when a member or considering joining an exchangea barter group, here’s an important check list to consider:

- Read the online reviews about the exchange and talk to existing members. This will shed some light on how members feel about their experience.

- Create your “Wish List.”  You know that list of goods and services you need/want for your business. Examples: printing, web design, dental, advertising, jewelry or cleaning services. The possibilities are endless. Determine what your barter leverage is by assessing the market for the product or service you wish to trade for.

-Draw up a list of the goods or services you need or want for your business . Best know as “Wish list”(Examples: printing, web design, dental, advertising, jewelry or cleaning services).Determine what your barter leverage is by assessing the market for the product or service you wish to trade. Understanding the demand for your product/service will help you better navigate the barter universe.


-Be sure that you and your potential barter exchange offers the value you expect in terms of members and that their members trade fairly .

- Be fair and avoid making the 2 most common mistakes committed in the barter world: iInflating the price of your the product/ or service or  and charging unnecessary cash along with barter unjustifiedly. unnecessarily. 

Organized barter exchanges, with their rules and system of debits and credits, can eliminate most problems that might arise in most transactions. Joining an exchange can make bartering easier and more efficient for you and your business while providing you freedom to focus on the bottom line.


BarterJuice Bits: According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, Barter accounts for over 30 percent of the world’s total business. In the U.S., over 300,000 businesses actively use organized barter in addition to cash.