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Although many ways to treat diseases have been discovered, there are diseases for which there are no treatments yet. Therefore, biomedical science plays a vital role here in finding ways for to treat diseases that are a definite way to His where treatment is unknown. My interest in the human’s body started in my childhood when I was visiting the hospital almost very often to see my very sick grandfather. I was really curious about seeing people with different diseases and what made me wondered think was that I have had been told that there is no cure for some illnesses at that time. Since then, a strong desire was formed in my mind by thinking about this matter over and over. All of these thoughts instinctively led me to study biology as a  major in my high school and my bachelor’s degree. I believe that I can help the scientific world in exploring new ways to cure illnesses and finding unknown characteristics of diseases.


I, Mahshid Mohsenzadeh, graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Biology from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran. Under the supervision of Dr. Keyvanfar, I undertook my undergraduate thesis titled ‘’ The effect of environmental factors on multiple Sclerosis ’’. I was granted a full scholarship for the bachelor’s degree due to a great my exceptional background in my high school and I satisfyingly finished it graduated as a top student with the average grade 18.38 out of 20. Taking several diverse courses from my curriculum helped me to getting acquainted with different lab skills and to increase my knowledge about the courses I was interested in, for instance biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, genetics, and virology. During my years of studying biology, I found my biggest interest in Biomedicine.


Studying in one of the highest-ranked universities in Iran, thrived expanded my theoretical knowledge in various ways. as I was trying hard to achieve my goal, I started with reading scientific papers. My university grades and academic effort led me to be introduced to the National Elite Institute in Iran and I have had[U7]  been selected as a top student nationwide national wise. I have been granted invited to attend different workshops and congresses. I took advantage of this opportunity and I took part in all the possible activities. [U8] Furthermore, the workshops brought gave me an incredible chance to gain skills in my field of studies such as cell culture, molecular methods, monoclonal antibody production, flow cytometry, and ELIZA. These workshops helped me to learn related techniques in RNA extraction, cDNA synthesis, PCR, electrophoresis, and other common skills in this area of study.


In 2018, I participated in the International Biomedicine Congress in Tehran, Iran. Besides the acknowledgment about of  the recent biological matters, the story of one of the researchers grabbed my attention, ‘’ which was a case of a girl who suffered from a physiological disorder that made her not being able unable to give birth to a child. The researcher was doing a lot of effort to explore a way for many other similar ladies to fulfill their dream of becoming a mother. This story deeply inspired me and reminded me of  my long-term goal in discovering new means of treatment. Hence, I decided to do my bachelor thesis in a way closer to my aim goal‘’ the effect of environmental factors on multiple sclerosis”.

  I believe Biomedicine is the major that I can contentedly put my effort into, being positive that by doing research in this field I can come up with satisfying results, which is all I expect from myself me.


I have done a wide range of researches about the best universities in Biomedicine. I believe Friedrich-schiller University Jena fits my interests and I see my best future by becoming a student of this outstanding university. Working in well-equipped laboratories is a dream of mine and seeing laboratories at on the university website assured me that I will not face any problem in such a well-equipped scientific environments. Welcoming 400,000 international students shows that Germany is always a great place for foreign knowledge seekers. I believe that I can prove myself in this country.