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Hello miss Keri, how are you? 
I need a favor from you. 
You remember my last day in cedar when I came to your office? and I was looking for Steve and I was with Hamad Alolyan (Ashwags husband)
I was told by Hamad that there is a way to get a foreign scholarship with Steve to help lower reduce my tuition so I can pay off school sense since I didn’t have the whole amount at that time.
It turned out that Steve was in on a cruise out in the states and he didn’t have service on his phone. and I was recommended to It was suggest that I give an authorization to Hamad sense since I was going back home the next day.
I gave an authorization to Hamad and left 6k in cash and two cars totaling over 10k
It’s been a year and a half since I have been back home and can’t get my bachelor certificate.
A week after I was back home, I got a hold of Steve and we talked on the phone a few times and we were sending emails then I finally found out that I can’t get a scholarship because I wasn’t a full time student.
However right after that happened I go went back to Hamad and I started realizing realized that he is running away from me and avoids talking to me. not trying to talk.
Months after he made a few payments totaling of 800 bucks and but this wasn’t the deal between us at all.
I called the registration office and I asked them to cancel the authorization I gave him and I explained the reason why I want to cancel it.
He lives in a different town in Saudi and I can’t get to him. I tried so very hard to find a way to get his id identification number so I can take it to court over here in Saudi,

I do have my evidence and a lawyer and all I need is his full name. it It has to be his ( first name and his father's  and grandpa  grandfather's and last name) or a picture of his passport would help more.

This is my only way to pay off school by getting help from the school so I can take it to court and pay off my tuition

Thanks for your understanding and your time

Thank you so much and you have a great rest of the day!:)