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Personal statement . Deadline 2020-05-18
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Havana is an old city. In 2019 it celebrated its founding 500 years earlier. Its architecture is a diverse mosaic of baroque, neoclassical, art nouveau, art deco and other styles.


“Gloria, do you know an architect that can help me understand all the different architectural styles in Havana?” 


Gloria and her husband Orlando were the owners of the casa particular I was staying at on this visit to Havana. She looked over to Orlando, shrugging her shoulders.


“I know an artist,” Orlando volunteered. “Maybe he knows an architect. I will ask him when I see him today.”


That evening when I returned after dinner Orlando had news.


“Felipe, I asked my friend. He does not know an architect. B but his friend, Olivio is an artist who is an admirer of Cuban architecture. I spoke to Olivio and he said he would be happy to take you to see some examples of Cuban architecture and to explain the architecture to you.”


We telephoned Olivio and we arranged to meet at the casa particular after breakfast the following Friday.


Olivio arrived punctually and off we went.