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The Cask of Amontillado by sebbe

It's kind of an opinion piece, it's meant to be the answer to the question of "a prominent character that you found particularly interesting". Feel free to add stuff here and there. It's kind of an essay but not really, I don't really know what to call it. I'm in my first bachelor year of Applied Translation Studies.
Essay . Deadline 2020-05-20
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I decided to talk about Fortunato not because he is presented particularly interestingly but because we are being told very little about him. Something that occurred to me was that it was rather easy to identify myself with Fortunato. I think this might be due to his flaws, of which only one of which is explicitly mentioned by Montresor. This flaw being Fortunato’s conceitedness of wine, especially the vintage Italian. Something that is actually quite ‘unfortunate’ for Fortunato is that he died inside of catacombs as a rich man, dressed as a jester with bells on his hat because it was carnival season. 


Fortunato is  was drawn to Montresor from the very beginning because of Montresor's constantly  consistent mentioning of Luchresi and because of Montresor’s recent Amontillado purchase. What I draw from this is that Fortunato is partially driven by pride. I don’t think Montresor had to keep mentioning Luchresi in order for Fortunato to descend into the catacombs with him.  Another flaw that occurred to me as I was reading was that Fortunato is actually a mild alcoholic. Montresor cleverly used his drunkenness to lead him back to his own estate and down into the catacombs. 


Additionally, Fortunato doesn’t realise that he really hurt and insulted Montresor.              The beginning of the story also tells us that he had been insulting Montresor for years . He might not have reacted to his anger simply because he just didn’t notice it due to his drunkenness. This leads me to believe that Fortunato was a very insensitive man and a very poor judge of character. 


One more thing  Lastly, to wrap up  this piece, up is Fortunato’s trust, or the lack of rather thereof, in the wits of Montresor. Montresor repeatedly advises Fortunato to return to the surface to preserve his health but every time he suggests that Fortunato yells “Amontillado!”. I would think that even if one were to be as drunk as Fortunato in this instance, that one would still be in the state of mind to make decisions that are beneficial for one’s health.