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Motivation letter for an internship in Ireland by skyline

I want this to be authentic and since english isn't my native language, you don't have to add extended vocab or phrases. Just check if everything is fitting (especially use of words and grammar!). Thank you so much!
Cover letter . Deadline 2019-12-03
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In this document, i want to elaborate why i applied for the position of a foreign-language assistant for German in Ireland.

I have been thinking about an extended stay abroad since a long time. Sadly, private and family-related reasons that occurred after finishing my “Abitur” (German national exams taken at the end of secondary education) made this unmanageable for me. Still, these circumstances allowed me to work as a school-support and enabled me to gain/acquire a degree of experience in the educational sector. This way I was able to find the subject that suits me best – special-needs teaching at primary school level. I’d also like to work with children of that age.

While studying, I also realized that people who have already gone abroad have had vastly different social interactions and are better able to view situations from different perspectives. I‘m convinced that this results from the practical knowledge they were able to gain in their host countries.

Working in another country would provide an immeasurable opportunity for me. Opportunity in this context also implies challenge because I know, from my personal experience, that overcoming challenges in and by itself makes one stronger: it forces one to come up with individual solutions, which translates into a huge growth of one’s own expertise. And I believe this capacity for flexibility will also be needed abroad. You alone are responsible for dealing with the obstacles in your way and you can‘t rely on the support network you have at home. In my opinion, going abroad is bound to promote personal growth.

I also want to apply as a foreign-language assistant because I think that the responsibility, planning and hands-on working experience required for this/such a position would be more beneficial than a semester abroad at a regular university.

Over the course of my studies, I (gradually) started to appreciate that language (especially linguistics and phonetics) fascinates me and that I am proficient in imparting my knowledge to others about language .

Unfortunately my university is currently suffering from a shortage of lecturers in German philology, which led me to finishing less modules in this area than anticipated. This is another reason why I‘m sure that working as a foreign-language assistant would improve my fundamental and advanced didactic knowledge significantly.

Through my past internships and occasional coaching sessions, I got to know that passing on educational content fills me with joy and is valuable for both me and the students.

I also got really positive feedback from my advisors thoroughly. This is why I see a chance to extend my abilities to educational situations and get useful assistance and tips from my supervisors(, peers as well as my students).

Practical work in particular allows one to obtain an in-depth understanding of the structure of teaching lessons. Here, skills already acquired will be tested and one will have to rely on a combination of different aspects of pedagogical knowledge, which is essential for objective and critical thinking. From my point of view, it is not possible to conduct a debate without having had actual and real experience in the relevant field. To do so would risk your words being theoretically justified, but devoid of nuance and unworkable in a lot of real-life situations.

To be honest, I chose Ireland as my target country because i want to get to know more about it and only heard positive things about it from other people who stayed there. As I said above, I need “real experiences“ and practical activities to really get to know something. A documentation or online report will never be able to give me the insight I‘m looking for. I would be grateful if I get the chance to get myself acquainted with the local people, get to know their culture and different views as well as experience the beautiful landscape Ireland has to offer. I would benefit from this project throughout my whole life.

I would be infinitely thankful for the chance to work as a foreign-language assistant and I‘m convinced that I, the children and the team I‘d be working with will benefit a lot from our time together.