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Abandoned cart email for multiple products. by andry

Email . Deadline 2020-03-31
14 Suggestions by hicham

PRODUCT 1 (Rare Pokemon Cards Collection)

Greeting Trainer

The pPokemon card you left in your shopping spiked in demand recently. As we currently have three of those in-store, we won't be able to hold them for you. If you are still interested in adding this card to your collection, we encourage you to visit the checkout link below. Thank you again for visiting our Pokemon Center, Gotta Catch them all!

PRODUCT 2 (Hair care product)

Hey James

This is Timmy Tom from Hairy Brand, how are you doing?

I noticed that you added an item to your cart but did not proceed through with it. So if you have some questions or need any some help,. I am happy to assist. Just send a reply to this email.

I have put the order aside and you can get back to it by clicking here

Hope this helps.

Timmy Tom, Your Hairy Consultant.

PS: I really like the Hair Follicles Blaster. Awesome choice!

PRODUCT 3 (Footwear)

No Ransack Left Behind

Oh no! you have forgotten some Ransack in your basket. Luckily we have moved and sealed them to “Karen Order Box”. They are ready when you finalized everything. We are building schools in Africa and for every dollar you spend, a student gets a chance to receive a proper education. Win win!

Get your item here.