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Traffic problems by shar

Essay . Deadline 2019-11-30
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Congested roads are a headache for many modern cities, whetherwhetever it's the dailey bottlenecks when going to orduring the entering and leaving work or endless delays on motorways.

This is an increasingly frequent problem a problem and more and more frequently in my town. There are a few common issues so many people insist on driving their own car, instead of sharing rides or using a bicycle.

Some solutions to solve this problem are betting on car-pooling lanes, more park-and-ride opportunities, and improved public tranport to ease congestion.

In mostmany cases the traffic problem is triggered by human behaviour, we can use apps such as Waze, whichit works like a social network for drivers, combining online maps with updates from other drivers about traffic jams, road works and accidents.

I think that we must change this omnipresent, car-centric traditionthe tradtition use car by all and optexchange it forby other options such as, how bicyclesbycile or battery run mobility devices.