Other Proofreading

Other proofreading

Your text deserves perfection

Fix errors related to grammar, punctuation and readability. Correct awkward phrasing and ambiguity to guarantee that your writing is sharply expressed and simple to understand. Improve style and word choice to ensure that your text is written in the appropriate register.


Personal statement 70 Essay 80 Term paper 11 Disertation 14 Journal article 75 Thesis 13 Other 100

Poetry 13 Story 38 Novel 8 Screenplay 0 Manuscript 3 Other 10

Resume 7 Cover letter 6 Email 36 Report 2 Press release 2 Manual 0 Pitch 3 Sales objection handling 0 Cold email 0 Other 8

Website content 12 Landing page 1 Blog post 19 Tutorial 0 Social media post 3 Other 3

One sentence 3 Private message 5 Administrative letter 1 Other 3

Why does this community exist ?

We believe that many users cannot afford paid proofreading services, on the other hand, English lovers would be happy to volunteer helping them while enjoying practicing their passion, sharing knowledge with other volunteers and getting feedbacks. We make the bridge.